Bradford White 75 Gallon Ultra Low NOx Gas Water Heater

Starting at $2895

10 year warranty
75 gallon supports 4+ bathroom homes $3295

6 year warranty
75 gallon supports 4+ bathroom homes $2895

Includes installation kit

  • Bradford White ICON System®
  • Eco-Defender Safety System®featuring the patented advanced ScreenLok® Technology flame arrestor design (URG250H6N only)
  • Defender Combustion Chamber (URG250H6N only)
  • Heat Traps
  • Protective Anode Rod
  • 4″ “Snap Lock” Draft Diverter.
  • T&P Relief Valve
  • Low Restrictive Brass Drain Valve

Ultra Low NOx High Input Spec Sheet

Installation Kit Includes

Expansion Tank Trusted Water Systems
Expansion Tank

Charged air diaphragm inflated to your incoming water pressure and compensates for fluctuations 

Propress Copper Pipework Trusted Water Systems
Propress Copper Pipework

We run all new equivalently sized copper pipework using dependable press fittings

1/2” Gas Flex

1/2“ epoxy coated gas flex guarantees adequate flow for most tank  water heaters

Dedicated Gas and Water Shutoff Valve Trusted Water Systems
Dedicated Gas and Water Shutoff valve

Having dedicated shutoffs makes servicing a breeze and is crucial in case of an emergency

Gas Sediment Trap Trusted Water Systems
Gas Sediment Trap

Gas and propane are inherently dirty so to keep debris and oil out of your system a trap is needed

Earthquake Straps Trusted Water Systems
Earthquake Straps

Drilled straight into the studs to ensure that in the event of an earthquake everything stays put

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve Trusted Water Systems
Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

Temperature pressure relief valve is a safety device that opens in the event of a plumbing failure

Drip Pan Trusted Water Systems
Drip Pan

When your water heater inevitably fails the pan will catch and divert leaking water minimizing damage

Insulated Water Flexes Trusted Water Systems
Insulated Water Flexes

Stainless steel water flex supply lines are durable and are threaded on both ends for easy replacement 

Venting Modifications Trusted Water Systems
Venting Modifications

Sometimes venting needs to be extended or replaced when a new heater is installed

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