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By: Fatima Banuelos on Trusted Water Systems

Great service!!! My water heater was leaking all over my garage and I needed to replace it. I called Trusted Water Systems and scheduled an appointment the same day. Jacob came out and was very helpful and knowledgeable. We went over all the different options and I decided to replace my old heater with a tankless. We had it installed the next day and I am extremely happy it. I highly recommend his services.

By: Carmelo Trinidad on Trusted Water Systems

I had Trusted Water Systems come by to check out the area under kitchen sink for a water tank install, but the day before all my house started going crazy! When Jacob came by he fixed all the water problems and I am extremely greatful and we called him to come by. This company is very respectful and treated my home and famil with amazing respect as I was not home for some of the jobs he came by to do! I felt a good sense of trust with Jacob and will use him for as many things come up in my life!

By: Shadi Salehpour on Trusted Water Systems

I can’t recommend Jacob and Trusted Water Systems ENOUGH!! Absolute lifesaver!! I was not getting hot water in my house for over 3 months and had even installed a brand new shower valve to remedy the issue. Several individuals came and spent 8 hour days here, couldn’t figure out the problem, and wanted to cut my walls and redo piping. I contacted Jacob and he went straight to diagnosing I had a crossover, narrowed it to my new valve, found the defective component, replaced it - and I HAD HOT WATER!! Beyond ecstatic and thankful. Jacob was honest, prompt, extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, very reasonable pricing and the best company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’ll do what no one else can do so save yourself the hassle and go directly to the pro!

By: Laura Rizzo on Trusted Water Systems

Fantastic and professional work! Jacob is friendly, fast and responsive. Excellent value. Will absolutely recommend him. 5 Stars +

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